Who are we?

"Colorful Voices" reports from perspectives that are rarely shown in the mainstream media: the perspectives of refugees.

Colourful Voices”- voices from Afghanistan, Syria and Nigeria, the Philippines and Iran. In Arabic and Farsi, English and French and increasingly in German. We are teachers and carpenters, hip-hop fans and political activists, people in love and people who are frustrated. Each of us is unique!

Colourful Voices”- the people behind these voices have had to leave the places where they grew up. We share the experience of migration and of arriving in Germany and in Europe in conditions that were rarely easy.

Colourful Voices”- come from community radios from Rostock to Freiburg, from Vienna to Luxembourg. We are a network of radio teams, each with its own approach, program concept and focus.

With “Colourful Voices”, we speak up on numerous questions related to refugees, migration, integration, racism, political participation, health and legal questions. Framed by German world music and Arabic classic music.

Colourful Voices” is for everyone! For people who are new in Germany, we offer a rich variety of information in their first language. German listeners will learn from our background information, perspectives and content all too rarely addressed by German media.

We want to be a part of the political and social discourse – and give some colour to German media!